Resembles nor wrestling nor DOA events are bringing as much money as they did in the past so Tina Armstrong aspires to try herself in an absolutely new career which nonethless fits her apperance quite possibly - the busty blonde prepares to come to be a hardcore pornstar! Who offered her such suggestion and also who and also just how was training her for a correct debut? The solutions you will locate in this crazy parody comics!
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Totaly Stags & Winx Club

The players of this basketball game have possibly the most outstanding cheerleader teams possible - one of them comes from "Winx Club" and also the other is from "Totally Spies"! The ideal part of it is that during the game the gals got so horny that they all has come to the locker area after the game to support their favored players in person! Can a wild sex orgy to turn adversaries into close friends?
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Neko Bachi Supah

There's a choice between thin and small Soi Fong, or tall and slender Shihouin Yoruichi. Whichone of these beautiful ladies from the anime "Bleach?" would you prefer to watch? This is a tricky question. The good news is that choosing one is not a necessity. Both of them appear in the hilarious Hentai-themed parody. However, there's one important point to remember that is one of them the futanari!
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The Kame

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Paramours Smooch (Detective Conan) [Russian] [Eskar]

Since Ran Mouri from "Investigative Conan" tasted the feeling of Shinichi's lips on her lips, his hands on her titss and also his large tough penis inside her wet hot pussy she already recognized - she will never be able to let him to vanish. No matter just how attractive and also gifted in sex Ran Mouri is there is still something stopping her to keep every little thing the means she wants - it is all just a dream ...
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Nakisuna no Yoru

The fight between the ninjas intensified to the point that it was difficult to overlook the fact Shikamaru's ally was preparing to strike him in the back. Two attractive, sexy women against one person. He doesn't seem to have a chance of winning in this case unless there is someone to help him get back on foot. Rght, Temari?
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There is a group of gals who values virtually two things the most - hardcore combating and also hardcore fucking! That's right - these gals are the ideal boxers from "Active or dead" videogame! And also this parody comics will proove it one more time that there is no bigger slut than Kasumi yet it doesn't mena that all the other gals have stopped trying to overcome her in the art of seduction ...
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The Teenie Titans go to the Doctor

Starfire and Raven went to the gynecological clinic. They were then transported to the gynecological hospital for a medical check-up. The Doctor starts to massage Starfire's pink cunt and make Raven sex in her tight sex. The girls get dirty and are in the mood for sexual intimacy. The doctor begins to remove the girls. The doctor then rubs the breasts of Raven, while Starfire's mouth is full of dick. The doctor laid Raven on the couchin a doggy style and kissed her sensual. He then put a condom on his cock, and pushed it through Starfire's sexual sex. Then, he gently fucks his mouth and then suckers him. The doctor will then fuckin his stomach with great delight.
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The Last Oricru

Action RPG The Last Oricru puts you under the protection shield of an abandoned planet and is a great place to play. You can influence both the outcome and the course of the conflict through your decisions. In a medieval Sci-Fi world of brutal sci-fi, you will be able to experience numerous intense battles. Every action is subject to consequences. Before facing any boss fights, you will need to level up and enhance your skills.
A fascinating story
The advanced technology of The Last Oricru is almost forgotten in the universe. Only a handful of the last remaining remains can be used. They are considered magical objects. The Last Oricru can only use some of the most advanced technology, such as Cradle Of Life.
Make Impactful Choices
A massive decision tree where your choices can lead to different outcomes. This affects story, characters and gameplay flow. Your reputation can be affected by every action, subquest, or death. You have two options when playingthrough The Last Oricru: befriend all players or do it alone and suffer the consequences.
The Challenges of Combat
Combat is difficult and will provide a rewarding but challenging experience. There will be many mass battles in which you have the ability to influence already raging wars. You can either take out enemy troops or help them. You can customize your ranged and melee attacks as well as elemental damage (magic), weight management, and even ranged attack. Prepare to die... a lot.
Couch Coop
There are many scenarios that you can solve in co-op in a different way than if you play solo. There are many ways to have fun in boss battles and get into secret areas. Combat is at the core of any RPG. If you're a melee-tank and the second person plays magic support, then you'll have hours of fun together!

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As Dusk Falls

One town. Two families. Tremendous decades of secrets.

As Dusk Falls, an interactive drama by INTERIOR/NIGHT explores the intertwined lives of two families over thirty years. The story begins with the aftermath of an Arizona robbery gone wrong. Your choices will impact the epic story of love, betrayal and sacrifice.

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